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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sweet Pea Soup

It's October 29th and school was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy.  I know there are some areas of the country that are undergoing serious amounts of damage right now.  The Tri-State area, where I have many friends and family, has shut down.  New York City has shut down public transportation - apparently the subways are bound to flood with salt water.  All bridges out of New Jersey have been closed.  New York City schools are closed for at least two days- an event that usually can only be caused by 30-feet of snow or an asteroid.    It seems surreal.  The worst we have up here north of Boston is some horizontal rain (at least for now I should say.)  In fact, Jim just went out to the store to get me some new bulbs of garlic - the ones he got me yesterday are gross and unusable.  So while he's off at the store, I'll blog the soup I made on this surprise day off from school...

I've actually never made pea soup before.  I wanted to make my favorite soup in the entire universe today - chicken lemon orzo soup - but the grocery store did not have thyme, which is absolutely essential.  I will need to share that recipe with you another time.  So instead I'm going to try out this very, very easy recipe - also from Ellie Kreiger who I love.  She cooks healthy, simple food and it almost always tastes amazing.  I just happened to have a bag of sweet peas in my freezer, so I'm making pea soup.  Now the recipe did not say "sweet peas" and since this is spur of the moment, I just did it.  I know that a pea soup recipe usually has split peas in it, which is a far cry from sweet peas.  This soup came out tasting like sweet peas.  I added the amount of salt that Ellie said to  - which is double what I normally add - to balance out the sweetness.  Also, I through some parmesan basil croutons on top which was a nice touch.  I like the soup, but I will say it was a little weird.  It felt like I was drinking peas.  But it was good enough with the cheesy croutons that I will make it again with non-sweet peas next time and see if that makes a difference.  I'll also make sure I have asiago bread on hand in place of croutons.

Sweet Pea Soup
from Ellie Kreiger
serves 6

15 oz frozen sweet peas (because that is all I had)
1 medium onion, chopped
3 3/4 low sodium chicken broth
1 tsp tarragon
1 tsp kosher salt
a few turns of fresh ground pepper
2 tsp olive oil

Heat the olive oil in a medium soup pot over medium-low heat.  Add the onion and cook until softened, stirring occasionally - about 5 to 10 minutes.  Add the broth, tarragon, salt, and pepper, and turn the heat up to high.  Cook until it cook to a boil.  Then add the frozen peas.  Heat just until warmed through - about a minute.  Either transferring the soup to a blender in two batches (which is what I did) or using an immersion blender, blend the soup until smooth.  Put back on the stove and bring to a simmer, or chill in the fridge if you'd rather serve the soup cold.  I like my pea soup hot.  I put croutons on top, but you could also top this with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream as well.

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