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Air Fryer Potato Chips

There's nothing wrong with fat. Fat is good.  Fat is not bad.  We need fat.  Poor fat got thrown under the bus and blamed for everything, but fat is our friend.  It comes in the shape of nuts, and avocados, and olives, and oils, and butters, and so many other yummy things...all are tremendously satisfying and have so much flavor and richness.  So I want to spread all that flavor all over everything I eat throughout the day so everything I eat tastes better.  Let's not forget about the healthy and delicious fatty proteins - egg yolks, salmon, etc...So that being said, I tend to avoid fried snack foods because you don't get a lot of bang for your buck so to speak.  I can eat an entire bag of potato chips and still not feel satisfied.  So I don't bother if I have a better alternative.   The air fryer, while it isn't an actual dream, does a fair enough job with certain things, one of them being potato chips.  These will never replace a bag of potato chips if that is wha

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